impact summary

While 2021 continued to be a year full of challenges, it was also a year packed with growth and opportunities for our social enterprise

Together, with the continued support of our retail partners across the US and our craft partners across India, as well as partnerships old and new, we were able to launch an array of eco-friendly initiatives and social projects. Have a look at what we did together this past year!


A part of what it means to be a fair trade brand is our collaboration with value aligned partners who share in the vision of building a more equitable ecosystem of design with purpose that honors the people and planet. We're proud to work with partners who not only produce beautiful jewelry for us but also continued to take care of their communities through Covid relief efforts, much of which is possible through your continued support, so thank you!


In collaboration with our craft partner at Tara Projects, we've teamed up with EcoFemme, a women-led social enterprise dedicated to menstrual health education across India. Through this partnership, 6 women from our artisan community have started training to become menstrual educators in 2021 to prepare for launching our pilot project in 2022.


This past year we've embarked on our journey to be a carbon neutral brand. One of the first steps to our commitment in honoring the plant is to take responsibility for our emissions as a business. Through our partnership with the nonprofit GrowAhead, we've pledged to support high-impact farmer-run and community-led agroforestry projects through direct contributions and our Eco-Shipping program.


We've started transitioning to a plant based vellum and uncoated paper for our jewelry packaging and are in the process of becoming plastic free throughout our supply chain, from our artisan workshops to shipping to our customers. 

Thank you for being a part of the Rover & Kin family. We are so grateful for your continued support!