About us



If you take the time to look beneath the surface, there is often a hidden story. These are the hands of a woman named Manju. She lost her husband at the age of 27. Left to fend for herself and her 3 year old son, she had to leave home and find employment; a choice that is otherwise not well accepted for women in her small village of northern India. Faced with few prospects, she eventually found work making jewelry for our craft partner in Delhi and has been there for 15 years. With training, fair wages and benefits, she was able to save money, put her son through school and enjoy a comfortable life that she proudly built. 


Our mission is to bring you unique and quality artisan made goods while supporting sustainable development through fair trade. It's a simple business model that benefits both producers and conscious consumers. Collectively, the sum of our actions, however big and small, will dictate the future of our world. By choosing fair trade, you are supporting women like Manju and making a positive impact on marginalized communities across the world. See how >

Proud member of the Fair Trade Federation