Many things start with a seed, an inkling of an idea that can one day flourish into something greater than yourself. This is an elusive idea I've been chasing all my life. If I think back to how Rover & Kin started, it was that sense wanderlust; the urge to see and understand the world beyond what I knew. After nearly a decade of constant travel and living in India, I wanted to create something where I could share what I discovered. It was the simple idea that that with some effort from each of us, the world can be a better and kinder place. Call it the butterfly or ripple effect, but each small act can have a much greater impact than you can imagine. 


Our artisan networks are the nucleus of the Rover & Kin family. Their work not only supports their families and communities but also sustains our business model of a fair trade partnership. At heart of our ethos is the belief that a sustainable business partnership works much like a close knit family. Each member contributes their share and together, throughout the years, we can see the family develop and grow. When we put people ahead of profits and collaborate across cultures and boundaries, truly incredible things can happen.

Cheers, Wen (founder + rover)


From fair trade employment and education to health and micro loans, 

our impact spreads far and wide across our artisan communities